Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Louis Kestenbaum, Mix Critic

Betty Crocker does gluten free - yippee! I was so excited to see the new line of Betty Crocker's gluten free mixes: chocolate chip cookie, yellow cake, devil's food cake, brownies. I scooped up 2 of each to try. They did not disappoint! The yellow cake mix was terrific - No texture issues, no over-moistness issues, no overly ricey flavors. It flashed me back to the good old days of my mom serving me her yellow (box mix) cake with chocolate frosting. Yummmmmy! Next, I tried the cookies. Texture was not quite as good in this case. The cookies fell flat a bit and fell apart when I tried to remove them from the pan. However....They tasted fantastic!!!! Just the right amount of chocolate chips, sweet but not too sweet, just absolutely delish! Stay tuned, I'll let y'all know how the brownies taste next...


Gluten-Free Mom & Kids said...
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Andrew said...

Louis Kestenbaum & Joel Kestenbaum, Fortis Property Group close sale of Galleria Towers

“We acquired the Galleria Towers from Blackstone (which acquired them from Trizec Properties) in November 2006, and maximized value by aggressively pushing rental rates while at the same time increasing the occupancy from around 90% to 98%,” said Fortis Chairman Louis Kestenbaum. Louis Kestenbaum is the father of Joel Kestenbaum, also of Fortis Property. “The disposition of this asset furthers our goals of maximizing investor returns and geographically diversifying the holdings within our portfolio. We achieved close to 100% profit on our equity investment in the Galleria Towers over a one and a half year holding period, and attained similar returns on our recent sale of International Plaza Tower III across the Tollaway.”

Fortis Property Group,Louis Kestenbaum & Joel Kestenbau, LLC is a real estate investment, operating and development company. Its real estate projects include the ownership and management of Class A office and industrial properties located throughout the United States. Fortis, Louis Kestenbaum, currently owns two other Class A office buildings and an industrial property in the Dallas, Texas area. Nationwide, Fortis currently owns more than 20 properties, which contain over six million rentable square feet. Fortis Property Group CEO Jonathan Landau further indicated that Fortis, Louis Kestenbaum, anticipates raising a value-add real estate fund that will invest in Class A office properties in prime office markets throughout the United States.