Friday, May 29, 2009

Hmmm, what to bake...

So, I decided to finish tinkering with my focaccia bread recipe and I'm totally out of teff flour! Will be interesting to see how I do without it! Could be what my niece calls a "happy accident"...Then again, maybe my gluten free coffee cake is the way to go today! Had a few texture issues the last time, so maybe it makes sense to tinker with this, instead. Perfect antidote to this miserable, dreary day...Kestenbaum koffee kake - love it! I'm off to do some baking!

Have a grand gluten free day!
Louis Kestenbaum

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Kendra said...

Hey, Louis
I'd love to see some pics of your kestenbaum krispy donuts or this kestenbaum koffee kate you're working on! Have you gotten the whole image thing squared away, yet? Send me a private email when you have a moment. Was great talking with you the other day!