Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kestenbaum Krispy Donuts

Okay folks, I've been tinkering with the 'ole gluten free donuts - baked, not fried, with agave nectar and honey. Trying to make these not only gluten free, but somewhat healthy (an oxymoron for donuts) and delish! I think I've somehow manged all three, so I'm very excited. I'm now working on toppings for these beauties...

Went to Starbucks, to try the new GF orange valencia cake and they didn't have it in yet at the store near me! Sooooo disappointed! Hoping they get it in real soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful, gluten free week!
Louis Kestenbaum

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Kendra said...

They didn't have the gluten free cake at my Starbucks, either! So bummed out as I was really looking forward to it! Good luck with those krispy kestenbaum donuts! I'm hoping maybe you'll send some my way, to taste test... ;-)